About us

Web design and Graphic Design

That's what we do. We are Koen and Petra. Together we'll make sure your next project becomes a hit!

Koen Adams, web developer and graphic designer

Koen Adams

SEO specialist
Full-stack developer
  • koen@webmatic.be
  • +32 484 596 744
  • likes to go for a walk, play the guitar and stay up late for yet another episode on Netflix
Petra Préal, graphic designer and all-round creative

Petra Préal

Graphic designer
All-round creative
  • petra@webmatic.be
  • +32 487 024 803
  • likes to be creative in everything she does

Helping Hands

If needed we'll use our network of WordPress professionals.
Are WordPress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Sass, GIT things you have under your belt? Contact Us . We are always looking for other professionals to connect with.
ClickMinded SEO specialist certification Koen Adams
WP Elevation Digital Business Consultant certification Koen Adams