Sunday 23 September 2018 – merging WordPress databases made easy

Ever worked on a WooCommerce store in staging or on a local install? Then you know the hassle when on the live website orders keep coming in and your staging or local database gets out of sync. The only real thing you could do is applying the changes from your development website by hand on your live website, making sure you’re doing nothing wrong, and of course losing valuable time in the process.

A few companies are trying to solve this problem of merging databases instead of overwriting them. Delicious Brains has stopped the development of Mergebot just a few months ago, just to indicate how difficult it is to solve this merging problem.

This new player looks very promising and they are currently running an LTD sale for their new product. You’ll get a 14 days full refund window, so plenty of time to give this product a try.

If this product works as advertised, this LTD is a gift from heaven 🙂