Our approach

Roadmap to Success

We craft your online story using a solid plan

In the discovery phase we'll dig deep into your needs. We ask questions, we ask a lot of them in order to get a clear view on what it is that's needed to make your project successful.
Marketing research
We conduct an extensive research into potential keywords that give you the best ROI.
Site structure
We'll build out your site structure to put your main content and goal front and center.
Prototype / Mock-up
In this phase we determine the final look and content of your new website. Instead of trying to explain what we want to achieve, we simply build the website as a photo for the first time. In this phase we can easily adjust things based on your wishes.
Now it's time to play with code and come up with a solid website that has the potential to crack the search engines.
Everyone needs to be onboard in this phase. We'll test your websites on all sorts of browsers and devices.
Your website is now ready to go online. Either you'll take matters into your own hand or you register for one of our hosting and maintenance plans.