performance singer-songwriter comigo

Note: Currently this page has been machine translated. As soon as we have time we will make these translations the best they can be.

HTML page without WordPress

  • Simple website purely based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • 1 page layout with sections covering a full screen: presentation, contact and more.
  • Easy online presence without maintenance.

Specific HTML modules for Comigo

  • Automatically play music in a loop when loading the page.
  • The music of Comigo was distributed on Spotify, Apple Music,
    Deezer, Google Play and more.
  • Image gallery
  • Popups of the lyrics that also work nicely on a mobile screen.
  • And so much more.

Design with emphasis on visual elements

  • Full screen background images, partly obtained from our premium range of stock images.
  • Various modules possible: gallery of images, popups, videos in the background, music, contact page, integration of social media and much more.
Mockup website for singer-songwriter Comigo
Nothing but favorable reactions to the new Comigo website. Webmatic has succeeded brilliantly in displaying the right atmosphere and at the same time a lot of information in a clear, elegant and concise way. The music and the mission of Comigo sounds literally and figuratively through it! Well done !