Sociale Kalender

a fully developed calendar system for events

Note: Currently this page has been machine translated. As soon as we have time we will make these translations the best they can be.

Event calendar

  • Search for events by date or keyword.
  • Display of events in a list or a monthly calendar overview.
  • Visitors can easily export the events to their personal digital agenda.
  • Location of the event is displayed on a map.
  • Possibility to enter prizes, organizers, locations and much more.
  • Implementation of different navigation elements so that the visitor can quickly search the calendar.

Easy updating

  • As an administrator you can easily create new events
  • Once an organizer or location has been created you can use this information again at other events.
  • Customized data fields to be able to deliver just that extra information that is needed.
  • Implementation of user management with specific rights so that people do not accidentally do something wrong.
  • Implementation of standard images so that you always get a nice and lively event overview.

Presentation University for the Social Interest

  • Implementation of the history / purpose, without creating separate pages for this.
Mockup website Social Calendar
Each club activity offers opportunities for meeting, getting acquainted and cooperation. We want to promote this with the Social Calendar. A clear website with an inviting layout is a lever for this. To hear the many favorable comments Webmatic has succeeded excellently.