PowerPack Beaver Addons: Impact on load speed of this website

PowerPack is a huge add-on for Beaver Builder, giving you lots of cool modules to create and finish websites faster. Adding all those tools, does that mean our website load speed would suffer?
For the record, I’m using PowerPack version There is also this other plugin that can do almost the same thing: Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder. I haven’t tried this myself, but what I read from people like David Waumsley, this one should be on par with PowerPack.

I’ve been holding off for a very long time to add a plugin like Powerpack Beaver Addons to my tools of the trade. I’ve had my fair share of negative experience using these all-you-can-eat tools for web design, especially the impact all that code can have on your load speed.

A few years back, I ran a WooCommerce store built on a still very popular theme on Themeforest. Whenever WooCommerce came out with a new update, it took weeks and weeks before the author decided it was time to make the theme compatible. More often than not, updating the theme meant I had to test each and every part of the store thoroughly. It happened more than once, that some parts were broken.

I blame the gigantic codebase such themes bring with them. They want to do everything and thus have so much functionality you don’t need, but is there anyway. Whether you want it or not, it has an impact on the load speed of your website too. Load speed should be holy ground for every web designer. It should be one of the things always on your mind when you’re building a website.

So, I just decided to install such an all-you-can-eat buffet on top of Beaver Builder. How does it cope up in terms of load speed? Does PowerPack has a measurable impact on my load speed? In other words, will my website be served slower to our visitors?

This is not a scientific test, but I ran a few load speed tests on our homepage: before, after installing the plugin and after adding one module to the page.

Do you wanna know the answer beforehand? On this site and with our particular hosting setup, PowerPack had zero impact! It’s not what I expected, to be honest.

So what follows are the scorecards from the Pingdom Website Speed Test I ran. To back this up, I have data from Google Pagespeed and GTMetrix too.

Pagespeed to start with

Starting Point Results Pingdom Website Speed Test

Pagespeed after installing the plugin

all default values checked: all modules and extensions are activated.
After installing PowerPack Results Pingdom Website Speed Test

Pagespeed after adding one simple module to the page

After adding a PowerPack module to the page Results Pingdom Website Speed Test


You can see for yourself that adding PowerPack to this website has had zero impact on performance.
I don’t know about the inner workings of this plugin, and I don’t know yet how it turns out when using this plugin more extensively on a website, but to start with, these are encouraging results!

I’m sure I’m going to use PowerPack Beaver Addons more and more as it is a huge timesaver when building out a website. As all things related to Beaver Builder, it’s easy to customize and tweak things just the way you want, without to much CSS bloat.

Are you using PowerPack and does it impact your load speed? Let me know in the comments.

Koen Adams

Coding has always been fun to me. There's a lot to learn and after all those years I'm still learning a lot in my quest to be a great full stack developer in the WordPress space.

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  1. It is my mission with a few great Beaverheads like yourself to ” make wordpress great again “. To many themeshop agencies who pass bloat and poor website performance on to their clients at a price that has no merit. I say bring on the Beaverheads and lets continue to educate/raise client expectations to a level where Beaver Builder will not only get the respect and credibility it deserves but any thridparty plugins who add to it do so with the same respect for end users – congratulations Power Pack – you have done this and done it well.

    MAKE WORDPRESS GREAT AGAIN >>> Join the movement…

    • Haha, great speech 🙂
      Website performance is always on my mind and in this regard Beaver Builder is a great tool to use. I’m delighted that it looks like PowerPack does a great job too, at least for me and in this context.
      Huge parts of this site are built with Beaver Builder. Does it mean anyone can make a website with the same performance like this one when using Beaver Builder? Nope, we as a developer still have a huge impact and we should be proud to deliver great products to our clients.

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